Bars and Stripes Pokie

Here is a pokie of which Uncle Sam would have been really proud. Bars and Stripes is the pokie designed for all those that love the U. S. A. and are fascinated by anything that is American. With some exciting symbols and special features, the chances of making big profits are extensive. In fact when playing Bars and Stripes you can win as much as 50, 000 coins!

Technically speaking, Bars and Stripes has a very familiar format. With five reels, three rows and twenty-five paylines, it is certainly similar to many other pokies available on our page. A pokie that has twenty-five active paylines will be more than welcome to you. Having such a big number of betlines means that the chances of profiting out of the game are made bigger.

Which symbols will you find?

Not a difficult question to guess; anything that is typical American, from hot dogs and hamburgers to eagles and more. In fact if you don’t believe us, spin the wheels a couple of times up here and you will notice that Bars and Stripes is certainly an «Americanised» pokie, if we can say that. Trying won’t cost you anything.

What is also convenient about Bars and Stripes is the fact that there is a vast range of settings that can be set to fit different wallet sizes. Let’s say you don’t want to bet large amounts, it is possible for you to place a small bet. On the other hand if you wish to play with big money, this is also a possibility.

The coin value ranges between €0. 01 and €1. 00, and you can choose from ten different coin levels. So all this, together with the ability to choose the amount of lines to bet on, makes it easier to get a tailor-made pokie. In general it is recommended to play on all the possible paylines.

Besides this, you should also know that there are a couple of features worth keeping an eye on. One of these features is the Bars and Stripes logo. The latter serves as a wild symbol that replaces other symbols to complete winning combinations. What is special with this symbol, however, is the fact that if you play with a coin level of ten and get five Bars and Stripes logo on a payline you will win the so much sought-after 50, 000 credits!

Uncle Sam’s hat is again something typical of the United States. In this case this famous hat is a bonus symbol. Three hats anywhere on the reels will activate a bonus round wherein you choose and click on a hat, and then you gain the amount hidden in that hat. Watch out, as profits during this round reach high amounts; as high as 47, 500 credits, almost the maximum that you can win when playing Bars and Stripes.

Finally we should also mention the American football ball symbol, a scatter symbol. When three or more of this symbol appear scattered anywhere on the wheel, then your payout will be multiplied according to how many balls are displayed. If you get three balls payout is doubled, four balls multiply the payout by 20, whereas five balls will increase your payout by 200 times! It’s not difficult to do simple maths and realise that this could mean big big gains.

To top everything up, Bars and Stripes is a pokie with cheerful, colourful graphics and pleasant sounds, making your gaming experience a very good one. It will definitely appeal to U. S. fans, although it is also very likely that everyone else will like it just as much.