Big Top Pokie

We all would like to believe that size does not matter. Microgaming, however, has proved us otherwise. The key word when it comes to Big Top’s popularity is «BIG»! Profits are in fact very big, reaching a peak of 5, 000 credits, and so it comes of no surprise that Big Top is considered to be one of the good pokies on the market.

It should be said that initially, after the first few spins, we were rather skeptical about this pokie, and now let us tell you a secret as to why we were dubious. Come closer, this is something personal; we were afraid of clowns. However, after a while, seeing that Big Top is actually a nice pokie with big profit opportunities made the fear disappear just like magic. Try it out yourselves, and hopefully you’ll feel the same.

Indeed, Big Top is a simple pokie that can be easily understood. It consists of five wheels, three rows and nine possible paylines, and so very similar to many other pokies you might have already played. Being just nine paylines makes it easier to follow and understand payout. Moreover, the symbols are depicted as circus characters in bright and joyful colours.

However, it’s not just the bright colours that make this pokie a successful one. Big Top has a few special symbols in its pockets. The colorful clown, with its green nose, acts as a wild symbol and replaces other ordinary symbols to help you create winning combinations. Let’s say you have two of the same symbol on a betline, and two clowns on the same line, then profit is guaranteed.

The second important symbol worth taking note of is the purple monkey that acts as a scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the only symbol that does not need to appear on a payline to give payout. So once you get three monkeys on the wheel, no matter how far apart from each other they are, your account balance will increase. So, high five to the purple monkey!

However, we’re pretty sure you’re still thinking about the 5, 000 credits mentioned earlier. How will you gain this much money? Simple! If you’re lucky enough to line up five Big Top symbols on any of your active paylines, you can start feeling those 5, 000 credits in your pocket. The actual value to which they will be translated depends, of course, on how much money you’ve put at stake. As we always say, the higher the stakes, the bigger the wins and the satisfaction.

Big Top also provides you with an Expert mode, that might be worth mentioning. This is important in that you have the possibility to adjust the settings to best suit you, in order to obtain the expected gaming experience. During the Expert Mode, an Auto Spin function is also possible. This will save you some hassle, if we can call it so. When you use the Auto Spin, as the name implies, you won’t need to click anywhere for the wheels to spin as these will do so automatically.

If we finally had to summarise Big Top in just one sentence, we would say that it is a cute pokie that will surely appeal to many players, irrelevant of age, sex, social status or lifestyle. Big Top has not made it in the history of pokies yet, but if you’re after a little bit of profitable fun, then you’ll hardly be disappointed.