Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Pokie

Some of you might already be familiar with the name of this pokie. In fact Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a science fiction movie from 1989 starring Keanu Reeves. It wasn’t perhaps one of those movies to make it at the top with regards to box charts, however it was famous enough for Microgaming to decide to produce a pokie inspired by it.

The pokie starts off with a short introduction with scenes from this movie, and those of you who have watched it will surely recognise it. Once you get to the actual game you will notice it is a more or less traditional pokie with three reels and three rows. The pokie is full of images from actors starring in the movie, some of which were even famous. The graphics, although not the best that you might get, are still satisfactory. After all, we strongly believe that you don’t really choose to play a pokie based solely on the quality of its graphics.

In general Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure can be described as not being an advanced pokie. There are five paylines, namely the three horizontal ones and the two diagonals, which are always active. This means that here you do not have much say as to how many paylines you want to activate. However, we know for a fact that often most of you activate all the possible paylines anyway. Also you can adjust the amount of money you want to bet per line. This varies between €0. 02 and €2. 00.

So far so good! Very straightforward and flowing we’d say. However, now you might be in for a surprise. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure has an Avalanche feature, a feature that has been encountered in other more advanced pokies such as Gonzo’s Quest. For those who have never played these pokies, we shall say that the Avalnche feature is very welcome amongst pokie players in general. Basically, what happens is that symbols that form a winning combinations disappear to make room for new ones. The latter drop in their place like the tetris game. This feature is advantageous in that each time it happens it feels as if the wheels are spinning again, this time at no cost, and it can last for quite some time.

Featuers of bonus round

An added positive attribute of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is the integrated bonus round, or rather the two entertaining bonus rounds. One of these rounds involves some action at the strings. Here you will decide whether you want to play the guitar yourself or let Rufus play. Your performance will decide how many points you get at the end of the round. This integrated bonus round is randomly activated and always profitable.

The other bonus game is more science-fiction related, since you’ll have to shoot down planets. It is activated when three telephone booths, that represent the scatter symbol, appear on your wheels. Once this happens you will be transferred to another place where you have to decide whether you want to control the steers of the spaceship, or let the Autopilot do the job. Be careful, profits can be from 10 to 1, 000 times bigger than your bet!

Are you interested enough now? If yes, then you can try the free version of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure that we are offering you over here. It might not appeal to everyone, however, if you liked the movie, or enjoy science fiction stuff, we believe you should give it a shot.