Billion Dollar Gran Pokie

Meet the Billion Dollar Gran, a sweet retired grandmother, that has money in abundance and is kind enough to be willing to share her riches with you. Only one thing she requires, that you play well at this pokie. Billion Dollar Gran is somewhat different from the other pokies. It has lots of exciting features and rounds, but don’t rush into thinking that it might be too difficult to understand. Stay with us as we’ll go through all the things that are worth knowing.

This might come to you as a surprise because at first glance Billion Dollar Gran looks anything but a fancy pokie. However, all those of you who have previously experienced pokies from Microgaming know that sometimes appearances can be deceiving. This is one of those times. Although Billion Dollar Gran consists of just one active payline, there are several features that make it a potential profit machine.

Billion Dollar Gran pokie features

As you might have already concluded by now, in order to make profit you need to line identical symbols on the only payline in the middle. However, do not despair this quickly, you will have a couple of tools that help you achieve this target. The two tools we have in mind are the Hold and the Nudge Function. The Hold function, as the name implies, will help you hold specific reels while the others keep spinning. On the other hand, the Nudge will give you the ability to push the reel a few steps forward in the hope of getting the symbol you need.

In addition to these two very useful functions, you can also make use of the Shifta! and Let’em Spin functions. Both features guarantee a win, so smile whenever any of them is randomly activated. When the Shifta! is activated the reels will position themselves in a winning combo, whereas during a Let’em Spin shot the reels will spin until a winning combination is obtained. Isn’t that nice of granny? Guaranteed profits that happen at random will surely be welcomed.

Something that is special about the Billion Dollar Gran pokie is that when three identical symbols line up, you will not get direct profit. Instead you will be awarded Winspins. The latter are even better because it means that the wheels will spin into a winning combo, so if you get five of these you will win five times. How many of these rounds you get depends on which symbols line up. For instance if you get three teacups on the middle line, you will be granted five Winspins that will be played on a separate display. Keep in mind that such display will always ultimately increase your wallet size.

Moreover, Billion Dollar Gran provides you with an integrated bonus round during which you can win big money. As you all know many old people enjoy playing boule, and our beloved granny is no exception. Whenever you get three boule balls on the middle line you will be transferred to the area where the bonus round will take place. Here you will have to choose which ball you think will come closest to the target. If you manage a correct guess you can win as much as 2, 000 times the original bet! See what this round looks like by clicking on the View feature button.

If we had to give a grade to Billion Dollar Gran, it would definitely be an A. It is an exciting pokie that provides you with lots of fun thanks to the many special features and the numerous profit opportunities. Just the fact that it is so different from other pokies is a good enough reason to give it a try. Hopefully, or may we say probably, you will like Billion Dollar Gran just as much as we did. In that case you might even want to try another one of our favourites, Abra-Kebab-Ra!, a pokie which comes close to Billion Dollar Gran.