Bingo Bango Boom Pokie

Welcome to the Bingo Bango Boom, yet another original and exciting pokie with very good chances of winning produced by Microgaming. Bingo Bango Boom, as the name suggests, targets bingo fans, however, we strongly believe that it will appeal to all other players. Here you have the possibility to try it for free and see what you think of it.

After a first glance Bingo Bango Boom might give the impression of being a simple and boring pokie with few chances of success. However if you played other pokies from this same producer, like for instance Billion Dollar Gran, you know that first impressions might not give the right idea. Bingo Bango Boom is an exciting pokie, and, despite the fact that it only has one active payline, the chances of winning are huge.

Since you now know that there is only one active payline in Bingo Bango Boom, you might have come to the conclusion that in order to make profit you must line up three identical symbols on this middle line. Indeed, you are right to think so. However, it is not as difficult as you might think because Bingo Bango Boom provides you with just the right tools to do it. These tools are namely the Hold and the Nudge feature.

The Hold function is most convenient when you have two matching symbols displayed already on the wheel. In such case it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hold them in place and let the other reel spin in the hope of getting another matching symbol. So, hold them in place and keep your fingers crossed.

And what about the Nudge feature?

The latter helps you by giving you the ability to push the reels a few steps forward. So, let’s say you have two matching symbols on two reels and you can see that the coming symbol on the other reel is also a match. Then you can literally nudge the reel forward and get a winning combo.

It is, hence, by now very clear that the chances of winning are not at all remote, and still this is not the best part. The most interesting feature in Bingo Bango Boom is the integrated bonus round. You’ll notice that some symbols display small numbers on the bottom right corner. To activate the bonus round you must line up these symbols, even if they are not matching, in such a way so that the numbers add up to eight. In our opinion it is a very original and intriguing way of getting to the bonus.

What will you find once you arrive at this point? Not a very difficult guess! Of course, the bonus round is nothing less than a good old game of bingo. You will find eight trays holding multiple types of bonus rounds. The first tray that gets filled will direct you to the bonus round it holds. Anyway, whatever the result of this round might be, one thing’s for sure, you’ll always come out of it as a winner. So we guess the simple maths done to get here is more than worth it.

Once again Microgaming is providing us with an A class pokie. We must warn you though, it might be a little bit tricky to get to the bonus round. It’s important you use the given tools in the most appropriate way, and the best way to see which strategy works best is when you are not risking anything, that is over here. We suggest you give it sometime before you actually go for the real thing.