Cashanova Pokie

So, if you don’t mind, we shall give you some information about the pokie Cashanova. First of all we will say that in our opinion the name is quite catchy and can easily arouse interest. Of course the connection between Casanova and cash makes us wonder about money, big sums of money. Hopefully, with some luck, Cashanova will reach this expectation. Let us now see how you will manage to reach this target.

A first glance at this pokie and what you’ll notice are hens and eggs, and it could be that this might leave you a little bit perplexed. To be honest with you, even we couldn’t make an instant connection between the eggs and hens and the cash. It could be maybe because in some cultures eggs are a sign of prosperity and richness. Anyway, whatever the case is, we don’t really need to know what the producers had in mind when designing this pokie as long as we keep on cashing in big profits.

In fact let us keep going with this small review about Cashanova to see what it has to offer, especially the bonus opportunities. Most casino players, including ourselves, get excited when a bonus game is activated. Even more exciting is when you can access to another integrated bonus round from the first bonus round. You might think we’re losing our minds now, but please give us some more time to explain things better.

Bonus games

The first bonus game we shall explain is the Barn Bonus Round. The latter is activated when the barn bonus symbol appears anywhere on reels one, two or three. It doesn’t matter if they’re not on a payline as long as they just show up. When you then get to this bonus round you will notice nine objects. Eight of these hide random bonus points which you will win when you click on that object. So now you might ask, what’s there in the ninth object?

The Henhouse Key is hidden in the ninth object, and this key will open the way for the second integrated bonus game called Get Lucky. The latter provides even bigger profit opportunities. In this bonus round you will meet Henrietta, a cute hen that might be very generous to you. What you have to do is to pick a gift from the five that are available to give to Henrietta. Each gift has hidden a bonus amount that you will take home with you.

Now all this is already a good enough reason to give Cashanova a shot. However, we still have some more interesting information. The Barn Bonus Symbol can be considered to be a scatter symbol, but it is not the only one. The Free Range symbols is another scatter that this time appears on reels three, four and five. When this happens you will win up to fifteen free spins at the casino’s expense.

However, this is not the ordinary free spins round, although we know that those on their own are already very appealing. This time you have an extra moment of suspense, or rather three. Roger Rooster will reveal three rows of eggs, each of which will give something related to the free spins. The first egg chosen will reveal the number of free spins won, the second row reveals their multiplier value, whereas the third egg shows your extra win amount per spin. The latter is additional coins that are gained after every free spin, even when you don’t have a winning combination!

Speaking of Roger Rooster, we should point out that he is also a wild symbol that will substitute all the ordinary symbols to finish off winning combos. Moreover, if it shows on a payline it will give payout just like the ordinary symbols. Another interesting feature we haven’t mentioned still is the Henhouse Magazine symbol. This is yet another scatter that this time appears on all the reels, and when it does so it gives off payout even when it is not on a payline.

If you wish to see all these and the other symbols that we haven’t had time to mention, together with the profit they lead to, you should click on the paytable. Then, ideally give it a free try and see what you think. In our opinion Cashanova is simple and funny, but also exciting so will definitely attract many different pokie players, hopefully including you!