Cash’N’Curry Pokie

Now is time again for another fantastic pokie from Microgaming. The latter is a software producer that impresses us a lot, in that the pokies produced can vary from being very simple to really advanced. Cash’N’Curry, although equipped with just three reels and one active payline, is definitely one of the advanced pokies. It has lots of interesting features and an integrated bonus round that is easily activated. This means that you should get ready for some real fun.

As we said, at first Cash’N’Curry might seem to be one of those traditional pokies where all you have to do is to line up three matching symbols on the central line. However, in this case, looks might be deceiving. In fact, Cash’N’Curry has lots of hidden features which you’ll discover once you start spinning the wheels. The good thing is that over here you can do this for free. You can do so until you’re comfortable enough to play for real money, and while playing for free you’ll realise that profit opportunities here are very good.

Speaking of profits, the highest profit occurs when three rings aline on the middle line and it amounts to 500 credits. Other than this, profit is obtained when three of the same symbols line up. The symbols include the classical bar and seven, as well as watermelons, lemons, beer pints, and even the hot chillies that will definitely spice up your pokie.

Spicing up the pokie is actually one of your targets when playing Cash’N’Curry. Some of the symbols will show a curry dish on the lower left corner. There’s the yellow, the green and the red curry. Take a look at the upper left corner of your display and you will see that these are depicted, in a network, over there. When you manage to get three of these in any direction, you will activate the very cool bonus round. Trust us, it is extremely easy for this to happen, and in fact it occurs frequently.

Bonus round in Cash’N’Curry pokie

The bonus round looks like a board game where you will have to roll the dice. Of course, in this case you have to spin the machine and a number will come up. You will then advance forward on the board and each time you stop on something you can win you’ll be asked whether you want to collect or spin again. You can keep spinning for as long as you’re happy with your win. However, don’t be too greedy as you might fall on the empty pint square which ends the bonus round and you’ll go back to the main game with empty hands.

There are twenty-three different boxes making up the bonus board, all of which serve a specific function. Of these, fourteen will be advantageous for you and if you collect them they will result in some kind of profit. Three boxes are just a break and will have no effect, whereas the rest are not as nice. If we had to go through each of these boxes one by one and explain what their function is, the review would be too long and you might even not fully understand how it goes. Instead we suggest you try the pokie for quite some time, until maybe you manage to go through all these different functions.

Apart from the bonus round there’s also the Nudge and Hold features that takes place during the regular game which you’ll surely appreciate. The Nudge allows you to bump the reels some positions forward, and maybe get a winning combination by doing so, or even access to the bonus round. You can also Gamble, Repeat or Hold the Nudges. The Hold, on the other hand, will allow you to hold some reels for the next spin. Again this will be used in your favour. Both features are randomly activated.

All in all Cash’N’curry is definitely an asset to the Microgaming collection. Right now you might be a little bit confused and we suggest you try it out first before giving judgement. Believe us, reading about the features is one thing, but actually playing with them is a totally different story. If you then believe that this is a really good pokie, which we think you will, you can also try Billion Dollar Gran from the same producer. The latter is similar to Cash’N’Curry and is also packed with fun and profit opportunities.