Cem slot machine academy

The slot floor is quickly evolving, and slot technicians need to evolve their skills even quicker—or risk getting left behind.

Digital technology and networks have already taken over today’s casinos, and there is an immense and immediate demand for highly trained—and retrained—slot technicians who are ahead of this fundamental shift in the way electronic gaming devices and slot systems are serviced. CEM’s own Slot Mathemagician John Wilson gives attendees the dish on the importance of slot math and how it impacts revenue and operations.

The opportunities in network administration, security, software configuration and troubleshooting, player interface portals, digital signage and remote configuration are better than ever, and the curriculum of the CEM Slot Machine Academy will prepare slot technicians for success when tackling these new challenges.

In this track, seasoned and rookie slot technicians alike will receive the handson training needed to excel in this new era of the ultra high-tech slot technician.