Cutesy Pie Pokie

It is clear from a mile that this pokie has been created for all those who like sweet things and cozy romantic moments. If we had to take a wild guess as to who this pokie targets, we’d say that it has been produced for all those that are newly in love, those that are feeling the butterflies in their stomachs every time they see their loved one. Needless to say, those players that are after action and adventure shouldn’t even bother with this one. Cutesy Pie is another term used, just like Cutie Pie, to refer to a sweetheart. In fact, hearts are certainly not missing in this pokie.

Apart from the romantic design which is quite unique, the rest of the pokie, that is the technical aspect, qualifies it as a classical pokie. Cutesy Pie is characterised by three reels and three rows. Winnings are made when three identical symbols line up on the only available payline situated in the middle of the display. As such, it is not so different from all the other classical pokies produced by the same manufacturer.

The symbols seen in Cutesy Pie can also be considered to be classical. With the different bar and seven symbols, it is definitely very close to the traditional pokies. The only thing is that here they’ve been designed to look cuter of course. Also, instead of the traditional cherries you’ll notice hearts, similar to the lovehearts candies.

In fact, in traditional pokies, as you may well be aware of, the cherries are quite special symbols. This is because they are the only symbols that give out profit even if just one or two appear on the active payline. So in Cutesy Pie, the romantic pink hearts substitute the cherries and will therefore increase your earnings even if not lined up in threes.

There are two different seven symbols, namely a yellow and a blue seven symbol. The latter is the most important of the two, as it can make you win up to 2, 500 credits. Moreover, a combination of the two also leads to payout. The same thing is observed when different bar symbols, of which there are three, line up on the middle line. Take a look at the paytable to see how different combinations pay off.

When doing so, you will notice that you can choose to play with one, two or three coins for every spin. Playing with three coins means you’ll be betting more, but it also means that you’ll gain more. The amount of coins is not the only thing that you can vary. The coin value is also adjustable. Try the free version up here and change the settings to see how these will affect your final balance.

One last thing before we leave you to it. On the lower left corner you can click on the expert button and notice that the display changes slightly. Thanks to this function you’ll be able to make the pokie spin automatically. So, adjust these settings, sit back and watch the cute panda showering you with profits.