Double Wammy Pokie

It’s time to check another classical pokie from Microgaming, namely the pokie Double Wammy. The name of this pokie is a clear allusion to the British expression Double Whammy. Originally the term whammy referred to something evil, and later this expression started to be used in reference to a double blow or setback. However, let us reassure you instantly, you won’t be suffering any setbacks when playing Double Wammy, but rather the casino will.

Like all the other classical pokies from Microgaming, as well as from other software producers, Double Wammy is made up of three reels and three rows. So, as you might have probably already guessed by now, your target will be to line up identical symbol on the single payline situated in the middle of the display. The symbols used are also those that one would expect in a traditional pokie, and include the bar symbols, cherries and sevens.

All those of you that have already played other classical pokies will find it very easy to get acquainted to Double Wammy as all the symbols work like they always do in other pokies. So the cherries will give out profit even when not lined up in threes, whereas bar symbols with different rows alined on the middle line will give out profit just the same. The new players need not worry, as this is a very simple pokie and all it takes to learn how Double Wammy works, is a couple of free spins over here.

Another symbols

However, these are not the most important symbols for this pokie. In this case the most valuable symbol is the Double Wammy logo shown by the same words decorated with diamonds. If you play with at the maximum possible level; levels shall be discussed further on, and manage to line up three Double Wammy logos on the active payline, then you will be granted with 2, 500 credits. The value of these credits varies depending on the coin value used to play. Coin values will also be tackled further on.

This however, is not the only reason why Double Wammy is so important. It will certainly be very much appreciated whenever it will substitute the other symbols to form winning combinations. Yes, that’s right, the Double Wammy logo is the wild symbol for this pokie. If one such symbol is part of the winning line, profits will be doubled. Moreover, if two logos appear on the middle line together with another symbol, this will be considered as a trio of that symbol. Payout will be four times as much as usual for that symbol.

As we mentioned earlier, you can change settings in order to change the cost of every spin. However, it’s not just the cost that is affected. Payouts will also be affected, and if you’re aiming for the highest payouts you should, of course, play with three coins simultaneously. The coin value can be adjusted between two different values, so when compared to other pokies Double Wammy does not offer a vast range of settings, although most probably these will be enough.

Finally we must not forget to mention the Expert feature found in the lower left corner of the pokie. When clicking this button extra settings will be added to your display. These settings are there to help you in making the reels spin automatically. So after you decide how many spins to play all you’ll have to do is to sit down and keep your fingers crossed. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the money coming into your account while you did nothing.

As we always say when it comes to classical pokies, those of you who get nostalgic when thinking of traditional pokies, or else all those that are looking for a straightforward way of making some money, will surely enjoy Double Wammy. This pokie is very simple, so will also suit beginners. Take a few rounds for free over here and decide for yourself what you think of it.